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Monitor Your Dog While Away at Work

Brian Hinderberger

Top 10 Reasons to have a Presence Pet Camera

Top 10 Reasons to have a Presence Pet Camera

"Goodbye puppy... STAY"

It’s not uncommon for multiple members of a household to work full time. Then there are other times, like sport and social activities – not all of which are pet-friendly – and as much as you’d like to bring your pet you need to leave them at home. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a Presence free mobile app in your home to monitor your best friend.

1.    Dogs are social pack animals and need people or other animals around them.  Even the best-behaved, sweetest dogs can get bored, misbehave or cause trouble when left alone.  Simply hearing your voice through the Award-Winning Presence App can help them feel in touch with you and your family - the ones they love the most!.

2.    Dogs are very expressive. Sometimes the most exciting times when you are away are when the door bell rings or if there is some activity out of their reach outside the window. This can develop some bad barking habits that could get some complaint calls. Monitoring your dog can help you identify what’s getting your dog to bark so you can work on training.

3.     Dogs love happy distractions. Let’s say that you have a special toy or chew that you only give to your dog when you are away. Since your Presence App is on a mobile device you can put it in a new spot everyday you are gone and play a game of hide and seek, rewarding her with the prize.

4.    A tired dog is a happy dog. Let’s face it, dogs sleep a lot. Think about giving them some good exercise before you go, it can help them on their way to dream land. If you check in and are seeing your dog pacing around and restless this should be a good sign to you that need to schedule in some more activities with your dog before work.

5.    Change things up. The work week isn’t only long for you it’s also long for your dog. Surprise them with a visit through your Presence App. You can also record your dog’s loving reaction when you get home.

6.    Dogs appreciate every minute you spend with them. Saying hello when you see them wake up or giving them that attentive voice when they are doing something they are not suppose to be doing is time they never had before with you.

7.    Train your dog how to act when you’re not home. Just because you are gone doesn’t open the door to get up on the table or go to the bathroom on the floor. If you’re watching you can help circumvent those actions.

8.    Be aware of an emergency situation with your dog. Your dog could be involved in an accident or something is wrong with the house. Presence app and Presence Security Pack can tell you if your home is experiencing dangerous situations or if your dog is in need of emergency attention.

9.    Inside or out? If you have a dog door you can attach the Presence Security Pack touch sensor on the door. This way you can tell if you don’t see you dog that she is outside or in the garage. If you can see her inside then there is something else, like another animal or an intruder, is entering the dog door and you'll need to call for help.

10.  Keep an eye on the dog sitter. Dogs cannot be left alone for long periods of time. They are social animals and they need the physical attention of people. Having a friend or dog sitter come to your home is very important. Presence and Presence Security Pack can help you ensure that the dog sitter is doing what you are expecting them to do and make sure that they are not snooping or stealing from you.

The information provided in this article is not a substitute for professional veterinary help.

Photo Courtesy: Joyce Lee

Photo Courtesy: Joyce Lee