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Presence is the award-winning free app that turns old smartphones and tablets into Wi-Fi security cameras and you can download it today.

Presence Security is the addition of easy to install wireless sensors that notify you and your trusted circle when something important happens to fit with today's mobile lifestyle. No monthly fees are required! We want security to be affordable for everyone because we all have homes, loved ones and valuables that we want to protect.

Wireless BBQ Monitoring & Security


A blog full of tips, creative ideas and how-to instructions for Presence App and Presence Security Pack. 

Wireless BBQ Monitoring & Security

Brian Hinderberger

It may not be top of mind but petty theft of home outdoor gear, including your BBQ, is a big problem. Your backyard is the outdoor extension of your home. You take a lot of pride in maintaining your patio and garden and it's full of great amenities like an expensive BBQ and your outdoor furniture set. Don't forget about all of those expensive landscaping tools and barbecue cooking utensils. A heartless criminal could even help themselves to your prized flower pot. 

Our award-winning Presence App can help you turn an old smartphone into a motion detector and video surveillance device. Best of all, it's free. All you need to do after installing Presence App onto your iPhone or Android phone is make the device a camera and position it so it has a clear view of your backyard. You can even monitor your devices and review video on your desktop computer.

You'll get phone notifications, email notifications or both when your device detects movement. You can adjust the sensitivity of your smartphone motion detector through the app so tree shadows don't constantly set it off.

People Power Co. now offers more protection with its Presence Security Pack. This allows you covers all the bases and these amazing sensors convert your home into a smart home in minutes, enabling you to monitor your backyard.  

The greatest benefit of a Presence Security system is simply peace of mind.  In addition to being safer with Presence Security, having and sharing the feeling of safety contributes to a happy and healthy home and family.   

It's important to note that   Presence Security   is not water-proof and sensors should be strategically placed away from weather conditions. 

It's important to note that Presence Security is not water-proof and sensors should be strategically placed away from weather conditions.