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Deschutes Brewery Explains How to Age Reserve Series Craftbeer


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Deschutes Brewery Explains How to Age Reserve Series Craftbeer

Brian Hinderberger

Craftbeer Monitored and Protected by Presence Security

Craft breweries are small, independent and traditional beer producers and, like Deschutes Brewery based in Bend, Oregon that has recently announced expansion to Roanoke, Virginia, the craftbeer industry is proving it’s here to stay.  Presence by People Power had a chance to catch up with Deschutes Brewery to learn about reserve series beer, the kind of beer that comes in 22 ounce bottles, has a wax coating on top and a “best after” date on the label. It turns out that there are specific conditions and recommendations to age your craftbeer correctly, giving Presence Security users the edge by including a tight wireless security and monitoring system to their beer storage plan.

Reserve craftbeer generally has a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) level. It also can rival fine wine prices. “Before heading to the store you may have known to grab at least 2 bottles, one for now, and one to enjoy after its ‘best after’ date,” says Gina Shauland of Deschutes Brewery. 

“Our limited release beers like The Abyss, Black Butte XXVI, The Stoic, The Dissident and others with a high ABV are delicious right out of the gate, but if you have the patience and restraint to wait, flavors will smooth and blend over time giving the beer a more complex taste and aroma that you may not experience when the beer is fresh.”

Movement or Entry Sensor Protection

Deschutes Brewery recommends that you keep the bottle stored upright, “so the yeast will settle at the bottom rather than creating a ‘yeast ring’ on the side of the bottle.

It’s probably a good idea to keep the beer out-of-site-out-of-mind by storing it in a dark "like a basement, downstairs pantry, or a closet and in a closed box.  Most of our high ABV beers come in 22 ounce bottles so grab a wine box or the box that came with the beer.”

You can position a Presence Security Entry Sensor on the door or cabinet door to alert you if someone found your special beer collection. You can also user our Presence Security Motion Sensor to help you spot movement in day or dark or attach a Presence Touch Sensor to the storage box to let you know if someone grabbed it.

Craftbeer Temperature Monitoring

Your beer needs a cool, dry location to do its job aging, “we recommend somewhere under 65 degrees F as heat is not a friend of beer. Ideally, 50-55 degrees is best but we understand that some of you live in areas where it gets quite warm, so just monitor your indoor temperature and the beer should be happy.”

Our wireless Presence Security Temperature Sensors can help you monitor the temperature where you store your beer. You are able to spot temperature trends and can set up rules with your free Presence App that give you alerts when the temperature is getting a little too hot for your beer.

It’s not recommended that you store your aged craftbeer in the refrigerator for a long period of time, "if the beer is too cold,” says Shauland, “the maturation or aging of the beer will slow or halt so that blending and smoothing of flavors will not occur.”

Presence can work in your refrigerator if you want to chill the beer before serving and continue touch or temperature surveillance going.

A rare vertical collection of The Abyss. Photo submitted by Deschutes Brewery.

A rare vertical collection of The Abyss. Photo submitted by Deschutes Brewery.