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Presence is the award-winning free app that turns old smartphones and tablets into Wi-Fi security cameras and you can download it today.

Presence Security is the addition of easy to install wireless sensors that notify you and your trusted circle when something important happens to fit with today's mobile lifestyle. No monthly fees are required! We want security to be affordable for everyone because we all have homes, loved ones and valuables that we want to protect.

Vacation Mode Notifications in Remote Cell Coverage Areas


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Vacation Mode Notifications in Remote Cell Coverage Areas

Brian Hinderberger

Presence Security helps deliver alerts to your smartphone when you are away, surprisingly, at incredibly remote locations. Our award-winning Presence App enables you to set your devices to "Vacation Mode," delivering alerts to you from selected armed sensors in your home when you are away.

This allows you to set "rules," for your Presence-enabled devices. For example, if your door sensor is triggered you can have connected GE Link Bulbs turn on for a set time, making it look like someone is home. You can also have your Monster Central Plugs power up to turn on a table lamp or a stereo. You can even snap a picture or record a video with your Presence Cam. Best of all you can turn them all back off after a set amount of time of not being triggered. This helps return your home back to its "Vacation Mode," readiness. 

You can also 'share' notifications with close friends and family with your vacation alerts so they too get notified if an armed sensor is triggered. 

Putting Presence to the low cell coverage test

A People Power Co team member packed up his car and set out to the Oregon Outback to enjoy an evening at the Summer Lake Hot Springs Resort near Paisley, Oregon with his wife. After setting his Presence Security protected home into "Vacation Mode," and knowing that people were in the home when they were going to be gone, they wife hit the road. The alerts started immediately coming in as they were driving out of town, but the big question was "how much cellular coverage is needed to pick up an alert?" 

When they pulled into Summer Lake Hot Springs the cell phone coverage was not so great. They have a Sprint plan and it was reading one bar on 3G 1 extended. After getting settled into their cabin and venturing out to the Hot Springs area in their robes, an alert promptly came in saying that the back door sensor had opened. A friend that was previously shared notifications had also got an alert.

The couple wasn't able to download video nor see the activity on Presence until they neared the resort's main office that had free public WiFi. Once connected to that they could easily watch the recorded video and see what was going on. 

The Results

Presence Security empowers our users to stay in touch with their home while away. Even if you are in a very low covered area you'll very likely get an alert that will prompt you and a friend or neighbor to check things out. 

So what are you worried about? Get back into your own vacation mode and start soaking in that natural mineral water!

Summer Lake Hot Springs is a  Retreat featuring cabins & a campground, plus hot mineral springs, indoor & outdoor pools & trails.     

Summer Lake Hot Springs is a Retreat featuring cabins & a campground, plus hot mineral springs, indoor & outdoor pools & trails.