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Presence is the award-winning free app that turns old smartphones and tablets into Wi-Fi security cameras and you can download it today.

Presence Security is the addition of easy to install wireless sensors that notify you and your trusted circle when something important happens to fit with today's mobile lifestyle. No monthly fees are required! We want security to be affordable for everyone because we all have homes, loved ones and valuables that we want to protect.

Renting Out your Second Home? Protect it with Presence Secuirty


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Renting Out your Second Home? Protect it with Presence Secuirty

Brian Hinderberger

Many people who have a second home allow others to rent it for their own residence. The immediate question that comes to a renter's mind may be, "who's watching me?" As a landlord, having a security system could be a deterrent for potential tenants. Presence Security helps you earn that privacy confidence from your tenant by empowering them to monitor the home themselves and share specific notifications to you.

For Their Eyes Only

Our solution for long-term rental agencies is to empower your renters and have them monitor your investment. Presence Security system that helps convert their home into a Smart Home. When you connect the gateway in their home to their own Internet connection you can establish the account under their own email and they'll get notifications on their own phone. No one else will be able to see the devices and sensors with our password protected free app but your tenant.

Share Notifications on What's Important to You

You can ask them to share notifications from specific sensors that are important to your investment, and it won't violate their own privacy. Now if you have a water leak, if the house temperatures are too low or high, or if you have an unauthorized entry to things like the owner's storage shed you'll know about it in tandem with your renter. This is a proactive approach to the unexpected issues that may come up in your home investment. You could even establish a reward plan, possibly a discount off of rent, for them if they helping identify and stopping an issue they've spotted from their Presence Security system.

Endless Possibilities

They will appreciate the fact that they have the ability to further extend their own security by adding their own devices like an Amazon Echo to activate their system, Geofencing, private web security cameras or even connected lights or smart plugs. We are constantly updating our smart device inventory and integration partners.

Presence Security can be fully customized to help you earn the confidence of your renters while protecting your property value.

Here are some ideas:

  • Set up water leak protection under the fridge, water heater and sinks.
  • Position a Presence Entry Sensor on the door of your owner's storage.
  • Place a temperature sensor in the fridge to ensure that it's working properly for your tenants.
  • Place a temperature sensor in the house to detect high temperatures of pipe-freezing conditions.
  • Show them how they can save money on electricity with connected light bulbs that are activated by motion.

Extend your Presence Security protection, order your second home security pack today.