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Presence is the award-winning free app that turns old smartphones and tablets into Wi-Fi security cameras and you can download it today.

Presence Security is the addition of easy to install wireless sensors that notify you and your trusted circle when something important happens to fit with today's mobile lifestyle. No monthly fees are required! We want security to be affordable for everyone because we all have homes, loved ones and valuables that we want to protect.


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How to Soft Reset Your Presence App Camera

Brian Hinderberger

You are about to make your old smartphone a workhorse. This is one of the ways how to keep it in shape.

You are about to make your old smartphone a workhorse. This is one of the ways how to keep it in shape.

A Presence App user recently asked our support team a very good question:

While away my cameras, I have two, went off line and I can't get them back. There was a power blip but the phone batteries should have kept them on! Any ideas??

You are about to make our old device a workhorse. Stability over time can be an issue with your mobile device that you’re using as a camera. When you pull your old device out from storage and install your free Presence App you to work as  a camera you are putting it back to work to the same level, if not higher, than when you where using it in the past as a main device.  

You’ll need to do some minor maintenance with your camera to ensure it works properly. We suggest cleaning the device by soft resetting. On older devices once a week and on newer devices once every two weeks gives our users a great success. This would be a good time to also dust it off. At this point we do not have a feature to power cycle your cameras remotely from Presence, but we’re working on it.

How to soft reset

If you have Apple iOS devices:

  1. Soft reset both devices:
  2. Keeps all of your data but cleans out your device.

Set iOS in Dedicated Camera Mode

This prevents the app from crashing your Apple iOS and adds security by requiring a PIN number to stop the camera.

Soft Reset your Android Device

If you have Android devices:
(Presence) Clear Data: 

  1. Go to your Android Settings > Apps ( Applications ) > Presence>  Clear Data.
  2. Definitely on your camera device. A good idea to do this on all devices.

Usually these helps keep things running well.